Dirac and Guntino Trends

Dirac and Guntino Trends

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blazer buzz

Wearing the Blazer on top of the Dirac and Guntino has been popping up lately. I personally don't mind it at all. It covers nicely and it is a fashion trend that will not going away anytime soon. It is also very convenient for those late summer ( early fall Somali Weddings) it keeps you warm. Lets not forget it is very hijabi friendly, arms and back is covered while looking "fine" . I hope you guys enjoy the pictures below.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Somali Fashion Trends

While i was browsing the Internet today i realized we Somalians do not have information, images, articles that show the world of the trends we have. I know some of you are saying to themselves that we don't have such a thing called "Somali Fashion Trends"... but we actually do, the fashion divas in us usually come out when we attend parties and weddings. You know how we do...Every month or so there is a new Dirac ( material design) or guntino that produced. The Older generation might wear it the same traditional way, but the younger generations have a tendency to "Spice up things"...by coordinating with nice heels, accessorize with latest jewelry, makeup, and hot hairdos. The transformation occurs especially during weddings , that tend to come up every weekend during the summer seasons ( Toronto, Canada). We party all night long  until we drop, and may i mention we have a good time without the consumption of alcohol.

The reason i am starting this blog is to show others that we have good taste and a good fashion sense. I want this blog to be the first Somali Fashion Trend Blog that can be used as a reference to the latest hottest Somali trends when it come to " what is in" and what is the latest fashion trend... I hope this becomes a success, it might take time, but inshallah in soon time this blog will have lots to share.